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Ms. Zainah Anwar Speaker Series

Distinguished Speaker Week – Ms Zainah Anwar
26 – 29 October 2009

Co-sponsored by the Muslim Societies in Asia program at the School of Pacific and Asian Studies.

The Muslim Societies in Asia program is honored to host Ms. Zainah Anwar, a significant figure in the movement towards justice in Islamic law.  Please find below information on on- and off-campus talks that Ms. Anwar will be giving during her visit to Honolulu.

What Islam? Whose Islam? From Mysogyny to Equality: Advocating for Women’s Rights in Islam

Pacific and Asian Affairs Council Lunch Forum
Imin International Conference Center
11:45 AM, Monday, 26 October 2009
Registration Required | more info

Brown Bag Lecture
Co-sponsored with the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and Women’s Studies
Tokioka Room, Moore Hall 319
12:00 PM, Thursday, 29 October 2009
Free Admission | contact

Zainah Anwar will share the Sisters in Islam experience in claiming a public space and creating a public voice of Muslim women to give an understanding of Islam that recognizes equality and justice, and challenging the use of Islam in laws and policies that discriminate against women.

Islam and Public Policy: Contestations in a Plural Legal System

William S. Richardson School of Law Public Lecture
Law Classroom 2
4:00 PM, Tuesday, 27 October 2009
Free Admission | more info

The rise of political Islam in Malaysia and the holier-than-thou battle between the dominant nationalist ruling party, UMNO and the Islamist party, PAS, have led to open contestations in Malaysia between Islamists demanding for the supremacy of sharia law and democrats defending the supremacy of the Constitution. Zainah Anwar will speak on the challenges arising from these contestations in areas such as freedom of religion, women’s rights, and moral policing, and the implications for democracy building in Malaysia.

Justice and Equality in Muslim Family Law: Challenges, Possibilities and Strategies for Reform

East-West Center Wednesday Evening Seminar
Imin International Conference Center
6:30 PM, Wednesday, 28 October 2009
Free Admission | more info

In challenging the continuing discrimination against Muslim women, Zainah Anwar will discuss the possibilities for reform of the Muslim family law to recognize equality and justice, the challenges faced by women’s groups in demanding for reform and share the work of Musawah, a new global initiative to build a movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family.