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Joni’s Promise (Janji Joni)

Janji Joni image
Wednesday, April 29
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Directed by Joko Anwar
Indonesia, 2004, 82 minutes
Indonesian w/E.S.

Joni is a young man of 22, living and working in Jakarta as a delivery boy, carting film reels from theater to theater so that the owners can save money on prints by running the same copy at multiple theaters simultaneously. Joni has never had a girlfriend but he doesn’t mind. He’s happy with his life and takes pride in his work, particularly with the fact that he has never been late on a delivery. But that all changes when he spots a beautiful young woman in the theater lobby one day and screws up the nerve to approach her. She seems friendly enough, and flattered by his attention, but she agrees to give him her name on 1 condition only: Joni must make sure that the film she is watching plays uninterrupted until the final credits roll. Surely this is a simple thing? Joni has never been late before, but on this day he will have to deal with motorcycle thieves, birthing mothers, rock bands, and a menacing artist rumored to have magical powers. – Twitch Film

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Please support the filmmaker by purchasing their film!