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Crying Ladies

Crying Ladies image
Wednesday, April 15
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Directed by Mark Meily
Philippines, 2003, 110 minutes
Filipino w/E.S.

Meet the last of the professional mourners of Manila’s Chinatown. The street smart Stella Mate (Sharon Cuneta) who dreams of a better job to be able to get back custody of her beloved son Bong (Julio Pacheco) whom she lost to ex-husband Guido (Ricky Davao). Then there is Doray (Hilda Koronel) a.k.a. Rhodora Rivera, a bit player of the ’70’s whose life revolves around the glory days of her B-movies career. And religious and naive Choleng (Angel Aquino) who simply cannot resist the sexual advances of her best friend’s husband. These are the crying ladies – three women who decide to accept a part-time job to be the professional mourners for a traditional Chinese funeral for the late George Washington Chua, father of Wilson Chua (Eric Quizon) in this rollicking comedy which garnered six awards at the 2003 Manila Metro Film Festival.

“Funny and heartwarming. Amazing! Brilliant script and deft direction. As close to being a masterpiece as a film can get. The actors are marvelous!”
– Dennis Ladaw, MANILA TIMES

“From its impressive opening credits, the film captivated me. An intelligent, clever, humorous and compassionate movie. Entirely deserving of the honors and acclaim, ‘Crying Ladies’ bodes well for the Philippine movie industry. A film that entertains and pays homage to our country.”

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Please support the filmmaker by purchasing their film!