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Area Studies and Political Science: The Case of Southeast Asia


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Friday, February 27, 12:00 p.m., Korean Studies Building Auditorium
A Panel Presentation by Erik Kuhonta, Benedict Kerkvliet, Richard Doner, Peter Manicas, and Barbara Watson Andaya

Southeast Asia in Political Science: Theory, Region, and Qualitative Analysis (Stanford, 2008) calls for “concerted efforts to improve and invigorate scholarly synergy between region and discipline.” In demonstrating that Southeast Asianists have accumulated a body of qualitative knowledge that can make a significant contribution to political science theory, the book affirms that area studies and comparative politics are complementary and mutually enriching.

In this panel discussion, one of the editors of the volume, Erik Kuhonta (Assistant Professor, Political Science, McGill University and currently Visiting Fellow, East-West Center), and two authors,Benedict Kerkvliet (Emeritus Professor, Australian National University; Graduate Affiliate Faculty, Political Science, UH) and Richard Doner (Associate Professor, Political Science, Emory University), will speak to some of the issues raised in this timely book. Peter Manicas (Professor, Political Science, UH) and Barbara Watson Andaya (Professor, Asian Studies, UH) will serve as commentators, and the panel will be chaired by Ehito Kimura (Assistant Professor, Political Science, UH).

Copies of Southeast Asia in Political Science will be available for purchase.