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London Caregiver

London Caregiver image
(2008, 130 minutes)
Wednesday, December 10
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Sarah (Sharon Cuneta), is an English teacher and one of the 150,000 Pinoy Overseas Foreign Workers in the United Kingdom. She works as a caregiver to support her husband, Teddy (John Estrada), and to make a better living for their family in the Philippines. After the initial excitement of working abroad fades, she experiences the hard challenges facing Filipino OFWs: dirty work, icy weather and even colder patients. Sarah makes the most of the situation and her determination earns the respect of Mr. Morgan, Teddy’s wealthy old ward, and she finds solace in unexpected friendships with Mr. Morgan’s son David (who appreciates her more than her husband) and a little boy named Sean (who eases her longings for her own son). Tensions rise between Sarah and Teddy as the stress of London life takes its toll on their marriage.

Will Sarah choose to remain by her husband’s side to keep her family intact? Or will she find the strength to stay in London to continue seeking a better life for her son, even if it means losing her marriage? Directed by Chito Rono, maker of Dekada 70s and Sukob!

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