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Quickie Express

Quickie Express image
Wednesday, November 9
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Indonesia, 2007 (117 minutes)
Director: Dimas Djayadiningrat
Indonesian with English Subtitles

Just like the title implies, Quickie Express moves at full speed on the strength of its lightning-quick humor and crass irreverence. JoJo (played by Tora Sudiro, who bares a passing resemblance to gigolo acting legend Rob Schneider) has his life turned upside down when he joins an underground gigolo society. He undergoes rigorous and hilarious training alongside two eventual buddies, including a bizarre Bob Marley wannabe. The energetic trio’s shenanigans carry the film’s more enjoyable first half, powered by humor reminiscent of the Austin Powers series: crude, disgusting, and absurd, but never taking it too far. If you’re expecting a lot of penis related humor, you won’t be disappointed. One of these penis gags even help move the plot along. Even more reminiscent of Austin Powers is how the film consistently evokes this buoyant 70s vibe, filled with funk, flair, and fun. Unfortunately, the film derails a bit in the second half, introducing Jojo’s love interest(s) and a ridiculous amount of tangled drama. The film’s love triangle quickly evolves into more creative and unexpected shapes, which Jojo acknowledges and flippantly dismisses by saying “ah, f*ck it.” Despite the obligatory conflicts introduced, Quickie Express never loses sight of what it truly is: a crass black comedy that thankfully never takes itself too seriously, unlike certain other films in the gigolo comedy genre. Watch out Rob Schneider, the bar has been risen. – LAAPFF

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