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Maskot image
Wednesday, 12 March
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Directed by Robin Moran
Indonesia, 2006, 118 minutes
Indonesian with English Subtitles

Robin Moran’s comedy proudly takes its template from Hollywood, celebrating its old-fashioned sensibility. A klutzy engineering student, Dennis (Ariyo Wahab), is the heir to a successful soy sauce factory started by his grandfather. Everyone believes that the company’s success is owed to its magical mascot, a rooster. When the fowl dies, Dennis must find another. Of course, the movie comes complete with a sneaky villain (Butet Kartaredjasa), a pretty girl (Uli Auliani) and a jealous rival (Epy Kusnandar). A favorite at the Bangkok and Cinequest International Film Festivals!

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