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Long Road to Heaven (Makna Dibalik Tragedi)

Long road to heaven image
Wednesday, 23 January
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

Directed by Enison Sinaro
Indonesia, 2007, 120 min
Indonesian and English with English Subtitles

Inspired by the terrorist bombing which killed over 200 people in Bali in December 2002, LONG ROAD TO HEAVEN weaves together the stories of three characters who live through the planning, execution and aftermath of the attacks. Banned by Balinese officials from being filmed or even screened in Bali, the movie, written by Singaporeans Andy Logam Tan and Wong Wai Leng, calls militant jihad into question while trying to provide some insight into how the planners viewed their efforts to lash out at the West…and how victims had to deal with their own prejudices and blind hatred of Islam following the attacks.

As Indonesian poet and film critic Nuruddin Asyhadie noted about the film, “Long Road to Heaven can be seen as a message to viewers that we need more than understanding to stop terrorism or violence. We must first reconcile with ourselves and step away from our own egos. Only then we can go meet ‘the other’ without any preconditions.”

Please join us for light refreshments following the film.

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