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The Be$t Bet (突然发财)

The Best Bet
(2004, 115 minutes)
Wednesday, November 21
6:30 p.m. – Korean Studies Auditorium

The Be$t Bet. It’s everyone’s dream in life to win the lottery. For some, it has even become their ‘lifetime career’ to make this dream come true. Richard (Richard Low), Shun (Christopher Lee) and Huang (Mark Lee) are best of friends. Richard, a white-collar executive, aims to be a good father and a good husband. However, indecisive and wimpy, he is easily influenced by the people around him. Unlike Richard, Shun is ambitious, outspoken and full of ideas. However, persistently down on his luck, Shun seldom succeeds in what he does. Huang owns a Bak Kut Teh stall. A ‘super gambler’, Huang not only places heavy bets on 4D, he also works part-time as a debt collector for the ‘4D King’. The Be$t Bet revolves around Richard, Shun and Huang whose friendships are put to a test when one of them strikes 4D and decides to keep the winnings all to himself. What consequences will his choice have on this friendship? A satirical comedy, which explores the greed, deceit and also the triumph of the human spirits, The Be$t Bet is about the consequence of our choices, and the path it will take us once we cross that threshold.

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