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From Tsunamis to Coups: Covering Southeast Asia for the Associated Press

Thursday, 23 February 2006, 12:00 PM
Presented by David Briscoe, AP Honolulu Bureau


David Briscoe, news editor, came to Honolulu in 2001 as chief of bureau before company-wide consolidation at the end of 2005 moved oversight of AP business in Hawaii to San Francisco under Chief of Bureau John Raess. Briscoe took over the news editor’s job in Honolulu, working more directly with reporters and directly supervising Pacific island news coverage. Prior to the Hawaii stint, Briscoe worked in the AP’s Washington, D.C., bureau, where he directed coverage of the capital for AP’s international subscribers and earlier covered congressional and other federal government beats. He was AP bureau chief in Manila during the last five years of Ferdinand Marcos’s authoritarian presidency, covering his ouster by the “people power” revolution that installed President Corazon Aquino. Briscoe had started his AP career as a local hire in Manila after three years teaching English in the U.S. Peace Corps, and then worked as an AP reporter and Intermountain news editor in his home state of Utah before returning to the Philippines.