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Act I of Luck & Loss: Manandin’s Gamble

Act I of Luck and Loss: Manandin’s Gamble

Luck and Loss: Manandin’s Gamble

Traditional Indonesian Randai
Directed by Kirstin Pauka
Guest Master Artists: Mohamad Halim and Saparman Bin Jamaludin

Jan. 28, 29, Feb. 3, 4, 5, & 6 2005

A traditional West Sumatran Randai folk play featuring martial arts, dance, singing, music, and pants-slapping percussion, Manandin’s Gamble is a traditional coming-of-age story about love, gambling, and adventure. Master artists from West Sumatra, Mohamad Halim, internationally renowned master of traditional Minangkabau music, and Saparman Bin Jamaludin, master-teacher of Randai dance, acting, and silat (martial arts) will provide specialized training. UHM is the only university in the world that produces Indonesian Randai in English.